May 23, 2010

Second Baby Shower

This is a great theme for any mother having her second, third etc. baby. Most people recommend throwing a sprinkle instead of a shower, this is another take on that idea.
Theme: Itty Bitty Colors: blue toile, blues, browns, white. Decorations: Polka-dots and stripes.

Above is part of the invitation that went out via email. Below we decorated with handmade polka-dot streamers, mini balloons, and blue toile.
Each guest filled out a little envelope with their address so we could send the mom home with them and thank you cards for later.
This little sign was taped to the front door so the party goers would know they were at the right house. (As if the cars wouldn't have given it away....)
The prize for the winner of each game was a bag of itty bitty candy bars. Very popular among the ladies.
Below: Although this is a before photo—we filled the table with plenty of theme worthy treats like: Itty bitty oreos, melon balls, round chips and dip, mini chocolate chip cookies, mini veggies and baby carrots, finger size pigs in a blanket made out of little sausages—perfect for a boy shower—and we even had soda in itty bitty cans! (Gotta love Target.)
The mom is collecting blue toile for the baby's room, so I made a small guest book to match. We passed it around the room during the party for each guest to write some advice on raising a boy.
And lastly, before each person left they received a parting gift—an itty bitty cake!
This may seem like a lot of work but we split up the preparation between three people and it was perfect! So thanks to Marcie and Jami, great teamwork!

If you think you or others would like to use some of these printable details, send me a comment and I may decide to offer them in my Etsy store.