March 31, 2009

Sweetheart Book

Sadly, cards get read once or twice, then forgotten. Would you like to give something that will be read again and again?

Use one of these beautiful books instead. Anytime your sweetheart does something nice for you, or you feel a rush of love and appreciation—write your feelings in this book. Then, leave it where he/she will find it.

Never tell when you’ve added an entry, let it be a surprise when your sweetheart periodically sneaks a peak at the book.

Smooshed Paper No More

I store my fancy paper in carry tubes (you can see them in the picture)—but it is becoming increasingly difficult and I certainly cannot afford a flat drawer file (nor do I have the space). So, I've gotten to the point where I am just leaving the paper on the floor. But after stepping on, rolling over with my chair, and moving the paper from place to place I decided "that's enough!" I solved the problem today. Check it out.

No more paper on the floor. No more ribbon on the window sill. Total cost? $12 bucks. This contraption will eventually get painted and hang on the wall, but I gave it legs long enough so it could still stand on the floor if I need it to.

Want to know how I did it? Send me an email and I'll share the wealth.

March 30, 2009

Want of the Week

There's an empty lot next to the grocery store that I frequent . . . and it's peppered with plastic bags. Bags that escaped the shopping carts, bags that have been discarded. It makes me sad. Now, we hear on the news that some stores are considering NOT providing plastic bags, charging extra for them, or giving a discount for not using them. And I remembered this colorful alternative: Baggu.

Baggu bags are made from rip-stop nylon with handles wide enough to wear over your shoulder without them cutting into your skin. They come in several colors and several sizes (which I love—one Baggu vs. 4 plastic bags? Baggu wins). Go visit, click here.

March 23, 2009

Wow, I got that done fast

I had no idea I'd be getting to the Quintipus so quickly. There are still a couple of things I need to work out. But here's a pic of my prototype.

UPDATE: May 19th: The quintipus needs a re-design. I've decided, this little guy isn't as cute as he could be. So for now, this project is on hold.


Yesterday I spent the afternoon doodling and a new sea creature emerged onto the paper. The Quintipus! I'm still working out a story and a pattern for these two siblings, but I do know they play well together. Coming soon. . . .

March 21, 2009

Why Screaming Squirrel?

He isn't actually screaming, he's an important part of the opera. It's just that you humans don't appreciate squirrel opera so it sounds like screaming. (But this guy is actually pretty famous.)

Below: introducing the newest creature to the Minelolly Dolly family.
Click here to see more views
A special thanks to Rachel who sent in this story. And a big thanks for everyone who sent in your stories too—your ideas are now rattling around in my head and might work for some other things I'm working on. You are all fabulous!

March 18, 2009

Want of the Week

I totally love this, not just the pillow but the name too, it's called "Tall Tall Building Pillow". It is hand-embroidered from BridgetDavies Etsy shop. If I had an apartment on the top floor in an urban area—this would be perfect. Go have a look at her store, there are a lot of other fun pillows over there.

March 13, 2009

Let's Have Some Fun!

Minelolly is about to unleash a new creature called, "Screaming Squirrel." Only problem is . . . I need a story to describe exactly why he's screaming. That's where you come in. Just for fun, comment with your ideas. If yours works, I'll use it! (I'll decide March 21st.)

March 11, 2009

Minelolly To Begin Consignment

Minelolly was contacted a few weeks ago by Olivera B. from a little shop in Ohio, Wholly Craft. They are interested in carrying the Minelolly Dollies by way of consignment. I thought, sure, why not! So here's a shout out to the colorful little shop, "Thank You!"

March 8, 2009

Branches and Butterfly Wedding

As a designer, I enjoy seeing the wedding I designed announcements for—it's nice to see how they tie in to the rest of the decor. So, yesterday I finally did have the opportunity to attend one of those weddings. Here are some detail shots I quickly snapped while trying to look inconspicuous to the "real" photographers.

Below: The wedding cake.

Below: The announcements and guest book (just a reminder of how they look.)
Below: The dessert table. I just love the stump disks those platters are resting on. They looked fabulous and can be relatively cheap.
Below: The groom's cake
Below: The ceremony arch, which looks spare, but imagine a lot of people and a bride and groom. This is where the butterfly release took place. The groom and his friends built the arch last month.
Below: The center pieces; a simple detail that looked fabulous on all the tables.
I think all the details fit together quite nicely. Everyone involved did a fantastic job.