October 6, 2009

Real Wedding

Remember the rush announcements I mentioned earlier? (click here.) Well, below is a peek at the finished product. After seeing my inspiration board the bride mentioned she wanted them mostly cute, with a little sophistication.

The set included three, postcard style pieces. An announcement, a map, and an RSVP card. On the back of each piece was a different photo of the couple and a small typographic element in one corner, saying something like "Ever After" etc. We were also able to order custom printed, pink pearlescent envelopes. It all turned out quite nice and we were both very pleased with the results.

Images from the reception:

I loved the chocolate tuxedos. The guys even wore chocolate colored shiny shoes. Yum.

Photographer: Jenny Rossi Reception Location: Fairy Tale Manor

September 8, 2009

Sparkling Blue Wedding

Using the Minelolly fascinator as inspiration, here is a wedding board with blues and sparkle. The dresses, cake, and china, are clean and effortless; a perfect complement to the sparkly details of the rhinestones and jewels. Also, notice how the drapes mimic the bride's dress . . . and the napkin rings mimic the fun center of the hairpiece. I would add flowers to the cake that resemble the hairpiece as well.

And lastly, the centerpieces would be as sparkly as possible, either using crystal wedding trees, or crystal studded candle holders, or perhaps tall mirror mosaic vases. A truly lovely event.

White Wedding Fascinator: Minelolly Wedding Shoes: L'Ezustore Dress: Feed-age.com Bride's Maids and Curtains: Image via Sugar Love in the Wharf Restaurant Cake: Martha Stewart Rhinestone Napkin Rings: Remarkable Button Crystal Wedding Tree: Blooms and Branches by Etherial Decor China: Macy's

August 25, 2009

New Additions!

Minelolly has added a new section to its inventory . . . fascinators (hair pieces)! Many are getting added this week to the Etsy store—exciting! And although we are starting out with white, other colors will come shortly. Stay posted . . .

Search terms: Minelolly, fascinators, bridal hair, hairpieces, handmade fascinator, white fascinator, wedding hair, wedding hair

August 3, 2009

Texas Baby Announcement

Our friends recently had a baby. This is the announcement we came up with. The mom wanted a digital graffiti look and also to show that the baby was born in Texas, without being blunt.

Solution? Add the Fort Worth skyline with the lone Texas star. Now when the baby grows up the parents can point at the city and say "See? That's where you were born."

It also felt appropriate to have the baby in front of the city—larger than life. That too hints at how important he is as well as how big he was when he was born—almost ten pounds! Whew!

Note: Names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent.

July 20, 2009

Blue and Green

I think if I were to do it all over again, I would be wearing color and everyone else would be wearing white—that would be a lovely way to stir things up a bit don't you think? And I'm loving the fresh feeling this color combination transmits—reminds me of a little cottage garden gathering . . .

Hair Piece: Giant Dwarf Etsy Blue Dress: Found on Photobucket, designer unlisted Chocolate Eggs: Photo by Lisa Charles Watson on Real Simple Guest Book: Minelolly Bouquet: Real Simple Cake: The Knot by Mary Ellen Bartly Blue Shoes: Modern Vintage Wedding Green Ring Pillow: Martha Stewart

Search: Blue and green wedding, handmade guest book, minelolly, fresh color combinations, garden wedding, bird wedding cake, green and blue, green guestbook
, blue wedding dress, blue wedding shoes, green ring pillow, wedding mood board, inspiration board, green and blue inspiration board.

July 18, 2009


I still have a handful of plush at Wholly Craft waiting for new homes. Below you can see Little Red is on her shelf, patient as ever! If you're in the Columbus Ohio area, go give them a visit—lot's of fun stuff there.

Photo by Wholly Craft found Flickr.

July 13, 2009


I wanted to try putting together a fancy red and black masquerade wedding. (I didn't want it to be too . . . geeky.) I think I got it. It feels modern and not overdone in the theatrical department.

White Mask: Flair Design Etsy Red Mask 1: Century Novelty Reds Mask 2: via Squidoo Guest Book: Minelolly Red Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero Black Men's Ring: Diamonds ring-s.com White Women's Ring: Glitzs Wedding Cake: Cake Star via Perfect Wedding Day.com Black Bride's Maid Dress: In Style Weddings Chandelier: via MsMojo

Search words: black and red wedding, black bridesmaid dress, feathers, minelolly, red wedding dress, black and white guest book, handmade wedding, handmade book, masquerade

July 12, 2009

Purple Poofs of Color

Things have been busy over here! I just finished a wedding announcement and a baby announcement but I can't quite post them yet. (I'm so excited. I think they turned out well.) But here's something pretty to look at in the meantime.

Bouquet: Blossom Wedding Flowers Cake: Sugar Rush Confections Guest Book: Minelolly Dress: Nordstrom Hair Piece: Mandizzle Etsy Shoe: Project Wedding

June 29, 2009

Pink and Gray Swirl

Here are some lovely ideas for a pink and gray, swirl wedding. I love that the flowers on the ring match the flowers on the book. And take a look at that wedding dress . . . it mimics those sweet cupcakes beautifully!

Hair flower: Twigs and Honey, Etsy Swirl China: What Now Blog Guest Book: Minelolly Bridesmaid: AmsaleSpiral Stone, Etsy Blossom Ring: Bazaar Latino, Etsy Cupcakes: Art of Dessert, Flickr Swirl Earings: Wedding Dress: via Bridal Express from Atelier Aimee

June 23, 2009

Want of the Week

Coconut macaroons—I crave them. I've been craving them for a week!
But have never tried to make French Macarons, (notice the missing "o") and I think I'd like to—they don't seem difficult, according to this video.
P.S. It would be fun to design packaging for these little jewels no?

Coconut: by Linda French Macaroon 1: by Cinnamon 2: by Pinot & Dita 3: by MBM QTR 4: by Mimikry

June 20, 2009

Formal Garden Reception

A formal garden wedding could be quite fabulous. It would be charming to see pretty, white, wide rimmed hats on all the women, and the men in light colored fashion don't you think?
There could be lawn games set up . . . lots of good inspiration here.

Garden: Gardens of Gothenburg photo by Staffan Johannson Cake: Brides.com
Dress: Stephanie Williams Photography Guest Book: Minelolly Shoes: Wedding Bee, Studio Blue Photography Napkin Rings: Arton Depot Etsy Ring Pillow: Woomi Etsy Napkin: Inklore Etsy

June 19, 2009

In the Mood to Get Started

I'm about to begin a rush, pro-bono set of wedding announcements. The bride doesn't have too many details figured out as of yet, but she could tell me, "Cute and sophisticated.Chocolate and pink—and gerbera daisies." Hopefully this inspiration board will help me come up with the perfect announcements. Here I go . . .

Gerbera Flowers: Webshots uploaded by Absolute Wedding Birdcage Veil: Fidelio Photography Guest Book: Minelolly Pink Pearl Earings: About.com courtesy of Pricer Grabber Vintage Shoe: Polyvore Clutch: Handbag Daydreams Chocolate Suit: Jim's Formal Wear Cupcakes: O'hollysweets! Flickr Wedding Cake: The Party Dress Wedding Cake Gallery Tied Knot Straws: Martha Stewart.com Chocolate Bridesmaid: Flutter Boutique

In the Mood Friday

Is it Friday already? I am dreaming of a weekend getaway, and little gathering outside a little white house at the edge of the beach
. . .pretty things and coconut cupcakes.

Teal and Cream beach wedding. With just little glamor.
Bridesmaid: Alvina Valenta Ring: Star of the East Beach Hair:Brides.com Necklace: Galit Barak
Book: Minelolly Cupcakes: Designs by Gollum Blog Shoes: J. Crew

June 18, 2009

In the Mood

Got a little bored yesterday and thought it would be fun to see one of the Minelolly books in action. So here's a little mood board.

Dress: The Dessy Group Earings: Olivia Claire Book: Minelolly Twig Hair Clips: The Sparrow's Nest Broch: Sew Lovely by Calexandra

Post Removed

June 2, 2009


This just up at Minelolly . . . a new baby announcement! It is the first of many. I am proud to say, Minelolly owes this new venture to its awesome customers. In return, more designs will soon be available . . . how exciting!

May 18, 2009

Animal Theme

Minelolly has just finished this new, custom order Baby Shower Invitation. It's simple but works out nice. With just a hint at a Noah's Arc theme it isn't overbearing and so can work as an animal theme as well. Within the next few months it will be available on Minelolly along with a few others. So exciting!

April 21, 2009


Minelolly is currently packing for a move! Check back in May for more posts.

April 12, 2009

Easter Baskets Revised
Is is just me or has Easter candy gotten really cute? This has been the first year I've ever shopped for Easter treats and the candy isle nearly swept me off my feet. Everything was arranged by color and these little chocolates were too cute to pass up. I found myself in a frenzy, you know what I mean? When a million ideas zap into your brain, it's like a sugar rush without the sugar.
So grabbing edible grass and other treats I rushed to the basket isle. But then I realized I hate baskets. I kind of always have. They aren't simple enough for me, they seem to detract from their contents. So, I found simple egg shaped bowls and they worked out perfectly! I think these will be our official Easter "baskets" from now on!

March 31, 2009

Sweetheart Book

Sadly, cards get read once or twice, then forgotten. Would you like to give something that will be read again and again?

Use one of these beautiful books instead. Anytime your sweetheart does something nice for you, or you feel a rush of love and appreciation—write your feelings in this book. Then, leave it where he/she will find it.

Never tell when you’ve added an entry, let it be a surprise when your sweetheart periodically sneaks a peak at the book.

Smooshed Paper No More

I store my fancy paper in carry tubes (you can see them in the picture)—but it is becoming increasingly difficult and I certainly cannot afford a flat drawer file (nor do I have the space). So, I've gotten to the point where I am just leaving the paper on the floor. But after stepping on, rolling over with my chair, and moving the paper from place to place I decided "that's enough!" I solved the problem today. Check it out.

No more paper on the floor. No more ribbon on the window sill. Total cost? $12 bucks. This contraption will eventually get painted and hang on the wall, but I gave it legs long enough so it could still stand on the floor if I need it to.

Want to know how I did it? Send me an email and I'll share the wealth.

March 30, 2009

Want of the Week

There's an empty lot next to the grocery store that I frequent . . . and it's peppered with plastic bags. Bags that escaped the shopping carts, bags that have been discarded. It makes me sad. Now, we hear on the news that some stores are considering NOT providing plastic bags, charging extra for them, or giving a discount for not using them. And I remembered this colorful alternative: Baggu.

Baggu bags are made from rip-stop nylon with handles wide enough to wear over your shoulder without them cutting into your skin. They come in several colors and several sizes (which I love—one Baggu vs. 4 plastic bags? Baggu wins). Go visit, click here.