March 22, 2010

Marbled Fondant and Classic Flowers

This week I wanted to practice my gum paste flowers, so that and marbled fondant became the main concentration of this cake. The process is laid out below:

It helps to start out with a sketch. Then, I finalize it, and add color. This helps to work out the quirks.
Then I get to work...
and finally the Mr. and I get to enjoy the finished project...visually AND flavor-fully!

March 8, 2010

Learning the Wedding Cake

The whole world it seems is obsessing over great wedding cakes. Admittedly, I too would enjoy handing over a design (or sketch) for a cake that matches each announcement I create. What fun that would be.

But I realized, in order to design a cake...I need to understand the limitations as well as possibilities that accompany the craft. So I am taking the Wilton cake decorating courses and have been having a blast. Here is my first ever, wedding cake.