December 13, 2010

Pamela and Joseph's Wedding

Pamela, (who bought a hairpiece from Minelolly), was SO wonderful to let me browse through her wedding photos and pick some to share with you. The couple sure had some fun details. Notice what they used to cut their cake? And take a look at the cuff links, totally awesome. Enjoy!

Thank you Pamela!
The photo credit goes to Miguel MarĂ­n and Jorge Aguilar, two very talented photographers in Mexico City, the dress is Vera Wang, shoes Kate Spade, jewelry is vintage from the 1920's and the beautiful headband worn at the reception reception is

November 3, 2010

Sheer Blossoms

I love weddings! I love how each one is different and how each one is so beautiful! I received these photos from Sarah who used two sheer flowers from Minelolly for her hair—don't you just love how she chose to wear them?
(Am loving that bouquet too.)
They even worked wonderfully with her long veil. Gorgeous bride! Handsome Groom!

Thank you for sending in your photos, I loved seeing them!
(First two photos taken by the bride's father. Last photo taken by wedding photographer Josh Newton.)

Real wedding, Sheer hair flowers, Sheer blossoms, Sheer flower fascinators, Minelolly hair pieces.

October 20, 2010

That's Right

Yep, Minelolly is getting a much needed facelift. The old Logotype worked when Minelolly carried only the dolls, and was meant to be temporary. Yep, two years is temporary—shame on me. So this week has been busy, busy...and it's working itself out well enough. I'll post other elements of the brand soon!

October 17, 2010

Wedding En Vintage

This is the last of my images from the Wedding last weekend. Finally, enjoy!
(If you would like to see the pro photos, please head on over to Melissa Fulmer's post on this wedding. Click here.) The Hair Piece was a special order from Minelolly and The Wedding Planner was Heidi Jeannerett from Yellow House in Kansas.

Vintage Wedding Board, Vintage Reception, Minelolly wedding, Minelolly Hair piece, Minelolly birdcage veil, yellow and brown wedding, fall wedding

October 11, 2010

Gold Laurel Leaves on a Wedding Cake

For the wedding this last weekend, I was asked to do the cake. It was my first and last wedding cake I think. A wedding is too much pressure for little me. But that being said, I still had fun.
The design is mainly derived from a Martha Stewart cake with a couple of tweaks. Normally I would have designed the cake but the family liked this one, so I went with it. I will take credit for all the work though!

There were two flavors, a pumpkin chocolate chip nut, and a really moist chocolate. I mean moist. Both from scratch. I don't believe in boxed cake...if you can even call it cake.

The frosting is butter-cream. The laurel leaves are made from gum paste sprayed with an edible gold spray and the little decorative ribbon is made of royal icing—both were made a few weeks ahead of time.
The cakes were displayed all together, in front of three vintage doors and mirrors. I knew they would come in handy!
8 hours of baking and 12 hours of decorating later...we ended up with a gorgeous cake set. I think the two accompanying cakes really help finish off the look and would recommend it again.


This announcement take its cues from 1940's movie titling. You've seen the movies, where the title is written on the slant in lovely white cursive over a dark background. The cards turned out simple, elegant, and ever so slightly dramatic—the lighting in the engagement photos adds some of that drama. It truly fits what the couple are going for and who have taste for vintage, like mystery dinners, and old black and white movies.

Sent out in gold envelopes.

Engagement photography by Sarah Stiles.
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Unofficial Bridesmaid Details

Generally I do NOT like shopping and I am beginning to think it is because I need a "theme" when I shop. (Is it the designer in me that needs a theme? Hmmm) So, that being said—I had a BLAST putting my unofficial bridesmaid outfit together. It really helped me to have a visual goal in mind.

Above is a bracelet my grandma was going to throw away (this is when I was around 8 or 9 years old) but she gave to me instead. For years I thought it was the ugliest thing—but could never get rid of it. Now I am so glad I kept it!

Then I started searching for a matching necklace...but it dawned on me that I could make a fascinator to match instead! It turned out perfect. (Below) And the earings (Above) were the last to be added.

Then I got lucky and I found these shoes two days before the wedding! I never thought I'd have a pair of gold shoes...but I LOVE them! (Guess brand.)

I tried to capture other accessory details at the wedding, those will be posted soon! (Have I used enough exclamation marks yet?)

Do you have a blast putting together you're special occasion outfits? Did you discover something sitting around the house that suddenly worked out perfectly? Send it in and we'll share it on the blog!

Gold shoes, gold wedding, vintage wedding, metallic colors, gold vintage accessories

September 24, 2010

Want of the Week

My husband's family is getting ready for a wedding which is to take place in about three weeks. We've been so busy, but I must tell you I've having quite a lot of fun as well. I'll post more details, mood boards, and photos from the wedding in the upcoming weeks but I just couldn't wait to share this little find.

The girls in the family have been asked to wear brown and to accompany the outfit with gold vintage jewelry featuring fall colored jewels. And though sadly I ended up going a different direction, I wanted to show this fabulous dress I found at Sears. (Only $39.99!)

I then went searching on Etsy for a one-of-a-kind necklace to go with it. I am totally wishing the dress had worked out so I could have a reason to buy one of these two gorgeous pieces.

This is Vintage Amber Chandelier Necklace is made by Jules B Vintage, click here to visit the shop.

This is Queen Elizabeth Vintage Amber Topaz Brooch Necklage can be found in Janet Lily's Etsy shop.

See how perfect they go with the dress? *Sigh* These surely make my want of the week.

September 13, 2010

New Staff at Minelolly

Say hello to Evelynn, she's the newest member of the Minelolly family and will be arriving here in the office in about a week. Her modeling expertise will help the work go a lot quicker so Minelolly is VERY pleased that she has accepted the job.

Evelynn is joyful and rather witty. Her personal style is somewhat punkish and eclectic. But she slips easily into and out of different personas which I think makes her perfect for modeling. Her friends tease her about her collection of patterned stockings which Evelynn keeps stashed in TWO suitcases. (I secretly hope she'll let me borrow a pair from time to time.) And her favorite past-time includes visiting with Ma and Pa at Ma and Pop shops, making You Tube videos featuring the colors black and purple, and of course trying different hair styles. (Speaking of which, I need to find some wigs for our new girl...anybody know of a good resource?)

Creative Thinking

Recently a customer who had previously purchased a hairpiece, contacted Minelolly asking if FOUR more matching flowers could be made for her wedding cake. I LOVE the idea. What a fun way to tie things together. Here's the photo she sent, taken by a guest. Thanks Stefany!

July 26, 2010

Now Available!

To visit the store and see more click here.
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July 23, 2010

Touch of Yellow

I just received an image from one of the brides I made a custom order for. She sent along this picture of her bridesmaids wearing Minelolly navy blue and yellow fascinators. They turned out so great. I was lucky to find those yellow rhinestones for the center—which I knew would reflect the light perfectly, allowing the hair pieces to stand out just enough. Too fun! Thanks Melissa!

Photo Credit: Melissa Anderson

July 15, 2010

More Patterns Posted

Just finished two more patterns today—the lesser known Yesbot who is pleased to say yes to everyone (I think we all need one of these in our lives...). And the very popular and sweet Little Owl, who loves staying at home. Click here to visit the Minelolly Dolly section of the shop.

Minelolly, plushie, softies, pdf pattern, diy, owl, robot.

July 14, 2010

PDF Sewing Patterns Available

Got your eye on one of the Minelolly dollies? Think they're so adorable you'd just love to make one for every kid (and adult) you know? Well, now you can. Minelolly is creating simple PDF patterns, easy for you to follow. The patterns come with illustrations, photographs, and sewing tips. Keep a look out, three are already available at and there are several more to come! Click here.

July 10, 2010

Tropical First Birthday

My niece had her first birthday party yesterday which I made the cake for. The theme was tropical/hibiscus flowers. Bright and happy!

June 18, 2010

Hawaii Themed Birthday

I just finished this cake for a seven year old's birthday party. I think she'll like it! Everything on the cake is edible except for the string holding the flower leis, and the stamen. Yum, yum, and fun, fun.

May 23, 2010

Second Baby Shower

This is a great theme for any mother having her second, third etc. baby. Most people recommend throwing a sprinkle instead of a shower, this is another take on that idea.
Theme: Itty Bitty Colors: blue toile, blues, browns, white. Decorations: Polka-dots and stripes.

Above is part of the invitation that went out via email. Below we decorated with handmade polka-dot streamers, mini balloons, and blue toile.
Each guest filled out a little envelope with their address so we could send the mom home with them and thank you cards for later.
This little sign was taped to the front door so the party goers would know they were at the right house. (As if the cars wouldn't have given it away....)
The prize for the winner of each game was a bag of itty bitty candy bars. Very popular among the ladies.
Below: Although this is a before photo—we filled the table with plenty of theme worthy treats like: Itty bitty oreos, melon balls, round chips and dip, mini chocolate chip cookies, mini veggies and baby carrots, finger size pigs in a blanket made out of little sausages—perfect for a boy shower—and we even had soda in itty bitty cans! (Gotta love Target.)
The mom is collecting blue toile for the baby's room, so I made a small guest book to match. We passed it around the room during the party for each guest to write some advice on raising a boy.
And lastly, before each person left they received a parting gift—an itty bitty cake!
This may seem like a lot of work but we split up the preparation between three people and it was perfect! So thanks to Marcie and Jami, great teamwork!

If you think you or others would like to use some of these printable details, send me a comment and I may decide to offer them in my Etsy store.