June 27, 2008

Cupcake Lollipops from Bakerella

I've been keeping lists of good food and good desserts to serve when we have company. I ran across this blog last week and since I AM going to try these, I wanted to share with you the creator extraordinaire. So, I present to you Bakerella, home of the cupcake lollipops as featured on Martha Stewart. Instructions and recipes are included, just scroll down through her blog a bit.

(Natalie, these are a lot like the Oreo balls you like to make.
So go have a look.)

June 24, 2008

Before and After

I just finished painting the green on the inside of this cubby and couldn't wait to share. You can find these absolutely everywhere (2nd hand stores), most of them are in pretty good condition, and very cheap. I got this for under $10.00. (The green knob I found at Target—they also offer the knobs in other colors, including blue and pink.) My dream is to make a cushion for the inside, using THIS material from Volksvaden and then it will be complete!

Other ideas for a cubby like this? Leave the door off, put the cushion in and it becomes a little bed for your pet and can double as a lamp table for your living room or bedroom. I am going to put it in the baby's room (when I have one) and it will be a place to store toys.
What would you use it for?

June 20, 2008

Recommended Book

Color: Messages and Meanings by Leatrice Eiseman, is old news, but I still need to put a plug in for it because it's good reading and oh, so helpful with color combinations. I refer to it often.
The first part of the book talks about color and messages it can convey, next it shows color combinations and talks about different moods. In the back of the book there are even PMS conversions to CMYK, which is very helpful if you don't have a Pantone booklet at your disposal.

June 17, 2008

Quick Announcements

My Brother-in-law decided on a wedding date. It will be this month! So I got the call a few weeks ago to design the announcements (pro bono of course). Below is an image for what I came up with under the following guidlines:

• Modern Romantic
• Aqua and Brown
• The photos had already been printed and were wallet size
• Budget—under $150 for a quantity of 250

I ended up ordering prints online, they were having a sale! So, I splurged a bit on the envelopes—the overall total came to $138. Whew!
All in all I'm okay with the design. It will do just fine. I love, love, that it is possible to find images of the old plates for flowers now. They are life-savers in a crunch.
(names have been changed)

June 16, 2008

About Me and Minelolly

I have a degree in graphic design and have been working professionally for a few years. We (my husband and I) have just moved to a different state, where I am trying to find new, beloved "creative" nooks. I am completely right brained and wish I could live forever so I could learn to be a great photographer, illustrator, dancer, gardener, interior decorator, musician, cook, and so forth!

Several months ago (before I quit my job for the move) I realized the range of work I was doing (mainly editorial design) wasn't filling all my creative needs. So I began to search for ways I could still be creative with out causing a conflict of interest with the company. I started a colorful sewing project of creatures, and called the collection Minelolly. That's how the name was born.

Minelolly the blog is going to be my sounding board, the place where I post things that inspire me, photos, sketches, hobbies, and projects both accomplished and in the making. It will be my colorful, creative therapy.