September 8, 2008

Printing with Blurb

A short while ago my book arrived from Blurb, a printing service I found online. (Check it out, it has free software for both MAC and PC so you can custom create your book. You upload your design, they print it, and it is delivered it to your doorstep.) Since I don't enjoy scrapbooking, I decided to try Blurb out. It was easy and pricing is fair! I thought I would share a few pages. . . .



Miss B. said...

You designed this??? Really?? I LOVE!!!! I have been want to do a Blurb book for ages and I even did a Blurb gift certificate give away on the blahg, but this is DIVINE! Just lovely, you are truly talented:)

Anna said...

Thank you Miss B. what a kind comment!
You really should try Blurb. It is almost too easy.