November 10, 2008

Perfect Pillow

We just purchased our first couch! (Not my first choice, but at a huge discount, I am glad to have it.) And now I am trying to find pillows—a more difficult task than I had originally thought.

I want something graphic, unique, and colorful. I may add a few black and whites to the contrast. I haven't settled on anything yet, but am leaning toward this first pillow from Lagom Design. The rest are my faves from today's search.
From top left to bottom right: 1. Lagom Design 2. Jonathan Adler
3. Anthropologie 4. CribCandy


NatMo said...

CribCandy is my vote!

Amanda Sevall said...

Awesome couch! Congrats :) Have you considered designing your own fabric for your pillow? Check this out:
Have fun with your pillows!!! :)

Anna said...

Natalie: which one?

Amanda: Yes, I have considered it . . . but then my options become unlimited and that could be a problem to someone who has a hard time picking in the first place! LOL

Amanda Sevall said...

I'm so with ya on that Anna!! LOL

Jamie and Aaron Moon said...

I like the first one too but also like anthropoligie pillow. can't spell on 5 hours of oh yeah congrats on the couch! pretty color.