June 23, 2009

Want of the Week

Coconut macaroons—I crave them. I've been craving them for a week!
But have never tried to make French Macarons, (notice the missing "o") and I think I'd like to—they don't seem difficult, according to this video.
P.S. It would be fun to design packaging for these little jewels no?

Coconut: by Linda French Macaroon 1: by Cinnamon 2: by Pinot & Dita 3: by MBM QTR 4: by Mimikry


Dwynne said...

Stop craving... I have never met a coconut macaroon I liked. Your packaging would do them justice, for sure.

Amanda Sevall said...

mmmmmmm............. I've been wanting to make too. It would be totally fun to design packaging - hope you give it a try soon :)