March 8, 2009

Branches and Butterfly Wedding

As a designer, I enjoy seeing the wedding I designed announcements for—it's nice to see how they tie in to the rest of the decor. So, yesterday I finally did have the opportunity to attend one of those weddings. Here are some detail shots I quickly snapped while trying to look inconspicuous to the "real" photographers.

Below: The wedding cake.

Below: The announcements and guest book (just a reminder of how they look.)
Below: The dessert table. I just love the stump disks those platters are resting on. They looked fabulous and can be relatively cheap.
Below: The groom's cake
Below: The ceremony arch, which looks spare, but imagine a lot of people and a bride and groom. This is where the butterfly release took place. The groom and his friends built the arch last month.
Below: The center pieces; a simple detail that looked fabulous on all the tables.
I think all the details fit together quite nicely. Everyone involved did a fantastic job.


Amanda Sevall said...

So beautiful! So glad you shared pictures of the end result :)

AntiqueAttic said...

Oh goody I was waiting for these! So pretty great job!

NatMo said...

SOOOOO jealous of that fun.

Rachel said...

That really did all mesh so nicely...

Little Lovables said...

Wow, gorgeous! I really love the stump platters.