January 20, 2009


I'm about to make a guest book to match the wedding announcements I just finished. It's been a couple of years since I bound a book so I went digging through my boxes to remind myself how to get started. Here are a couple of fun examples I found from my bookbinding class.

Made from Japanese paper (found at Kate's Paperie in New York) the journal below is bound using a coptic stitch.

Somehow I messed it up a little and I actually doubled the loops. The correct stitch is the one on the far right. See how the two on the left are a little thicker? Although incorrect, I think I like them better.
Inside front cover.
Below are some papers I dug out of my stash from Kate's. So pretty. How can I cut them up?
Below was my final project the bookbinding class. Our teacher told us we had to learn a new binding technique on our own and somehow incorporate a box into our project. (She'd taught us how to make simple boxes.)

I made an album using a Japanese Stab stitch. The book comes encased in a green box of my own design. It turned out great for never having made anything like it before.


Rachel said...

Absolutley AMAZING!!! (And it makes me wish all over again that I had your talent!) Really, I mean it, they're lovely.

Amanda Sevall said...

oooo.... I'm impressed with your books! And that paper is to die for! I've always wanted to make a book by using japanese stab binding.... been holding onto some instructions for several years actually. I may just have to give it a try now... :)

Anna said...

You SHOULD give it a try. It's so, so, simple. Or should I say, sew, sew, simple. Khee hee. I'm a nerd.