January 8, 2009

Pretty Good Start

I'm sitting here, my desk cluttered, my mind just the same . . . trying to pick up where I left off before the holiday vacation and I simply don't want to be back. So, I am putting off doing the paperwork that is a "must" and instead will start off the new year sharing with you a couple little goodies.

Over the Christmas break we girls (my mother, sisters, and I) went to Sacramento and happened upon an antique shop where we discovered these large beauties.

The colors and style remind me of Marie Antoinette—a movie worth seeing for colors and costumes alone. In person, the lamps are completely striking, breath-taking, and tall, . . . I wished to myself "If only I had a room for these—but they demand presence, something my meager apartment does NOT have." Marked down from $800 each to $300, I thought they were a great deal. Alas, I had to leave them behind.

Ikea sells itty-bitty silverware perfect for your kids playhouse—and perfect for an adult "mini" party too. My sister bought a set for my mother and we promptly put on a pretty little party using all the tiny antique dishware she has been collecting over the years.

Among other foods, we served mini: bagels, ciche, tarts, and pigs in a blanket. Each setting had its own creamer full of milk to refresh personal cups when empty. All adults attended. All adults loved it.

Lastly we threw an un-birthday party for my neice—and I was promptly asked to make a party hat. Panick sat in as I stared at the pile of colored paper thrust in front of me . . . "can I make something creative on the spot?" Scissors flying and tape sticking I began. The result was a purple hat with a wonderful, bouncy explosion from the top. Moral of the story: don't be afraid, let it be handmade!

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