September 24, 2010

Want of the Week

My husband's family is getting ready for a wedding which is to take place in about three weeks. We've been so busy, but I must tell you I've having quite a lot of fun as well. I'll post more details, mood boards, and photos from the wedding in the upcoming weeks but I just couldn't wait to share this little find.

The girls in the family have been asked to wear brown and to accompany the outfit with gold vintage jewelry featuring fall colored jewels. And though sadly I ended up going a different direction, I wanted to show this fabulous dress I found at Sears. (Only $39.99!)

I then went searching on Etsy for a one-of-a-kind necklace to go with it. I am totally wishing the dress had worked out so I could have a reason to buy one of these two gorgeous pieces.

This is Vintage Amber Chandelier Necklace is made by Jules B Vintage, click here to visit the shop.

This is Queen Elizabeth Vintage Amber Topaz Brooch Necklage can be found in Janet Lily's Etsy shop.

See how perfect they go with the dress? *Sigh* These surely make my want of the week.

1 comment:

Sally said...

Okay, so I'm confused--why doesn't the dress work out? It's great! And you'll be perfect in it, and holy cow, but those necklaces are wonderful. I think I like the second one best, but maybe the first one looks best with the dress. I'm not sure. I love them both!