June 16, 2008

About Me and Minelolly

I have a degree in graphic design and have been working professionally for a few years. We (my husband and I) have just moved to a different state, where I am trying to find new, beloved "creative" nooks. I am completely right brained and wish I could live forever so I could learn to be a great photographer, illustrator, dancer, gardener, interior decorator, musician, cook, and so forth!

Several months ago (before I quit my job for the move) I realized the range of work I was doing (mainly editorial design) wasn't filling all my creative needs. So I began to search for ways I could still be creative with out causing a conflict of interest with the company. I started a colorful sewing project of creatures, and called the collection Minelolly. That's how the name was born.

Minelolly the blog is going to be my sounding board, the place where I post things that inspire me, photos, sketches, hobbies, and projects both accomplished and in the making. It will be my colorful, creative therapy.

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NatMo said...

I love the blog!!!