June 24, 2008

Before and After

I just finished painting the green on the inside of this cubby and couldn't wait to share. You can find these absolutely everywhere (2nd hand stores), most of them are in pretty good condition, and very cheap. I got this for under $10.00. (The green knob I found at Target—they also offer the knobs in other colors, including blue and pink.) My dream is to make a cushion for the inside, using THIS material from Volksvaden and then it will be complete!

Other ideas for a cubby like this? Leave the door off, put the cushion in and it becomes a little bed for your pet and can double as a lamp table for your living room or bedroom. I am going to put it in the baby's room (when I have one) and it will be a place to store toys.
What would you use it for?

1 comment:

NatMo said...

ooooo! i would stare at the green inside!! and hang tiny orange poofs from the top of the inside!! so that they are at different levels some all the way to the bottom, how cool would THAT look!!!???