June 17, 2008

Quick Announcements

My Brother-in-law decided on a wedding date. It will be this month! So I got the call a few weeks ago to design the announcements (pro bono of course). Below is an image for what I came up with under the following guidlines:

• Modern Romantic
• Aqua and Brown
• The photos had already been printed and were wallet size
• Budget—under $150 for a quantity of 250

I ended up ordering prints online, they were having a sale! So, I splurged a bit on the envelopes—the overall total came to $138. Whew!
All in all I'm okay with the design. It will do just fine. I love, love, that it is possible to find images of the old plates for flowers now. They are life-savers in a crunch.
(names have been changed)

1 comment:

NatMo said...

I like those...it's amazing, I am almost totally left brained, and it is amazing to me that the creative minds can come up with and ocean of ideas and designs. I watch you and Mo flow from idea to idea, and I love it!!!